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Welcome to gardening with ease, joy, and contentment. Drop the worry, and allow your plants to thrive.

Landrace Gardening book

Landrace Gardening

How to Grow Food When You Can't Buy Seeds, Fertilizers, or Pesticides.

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स्थानीय किस्मों के साथ बागवानी: जैव विविधता, पार परागण, और योग्यतम की उत्तरजीविता के माध्यम से खाद्य सुरक्षा के लिए पर्माकल्चर गाइड
Standard Color 9781737325048 Lulu
Hindi EPUB Color - Amazon Kindle

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Food Freedom

I'm speaking 3 times next weekend. All are free, just need to register ahead of time.

Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty UK & Ireland Programme
February 11th at
9 AM Mountain Time

Landrace gardening teaches that plants are stronger, tastier, and more reliable if impure parents are cross-pollinating and undergoing survival of the fittest selection. An heirloom is a variety that was developed long ago, on a far away farm, and has undergone 50 years of inbreeding. Landraces are locally-adapted to current conditions, and have enough genetic diversity to change with the ecosystem. Get Tickets

Seed Library Summit
February 11th, Saturday
10:30 AM Pacific Time

Landrace Gardening: Finding Peace with Genetic Diversity

Explore the tension between curating heirloom varieties and offering locally adapting modern landraces. Learn some of the benefits and techniques of expanding the genetic diversity of varieties you share in your community. A landrace is a food crop with lots of genetic diversity which contributes to its ability to survive new pests, diseases, or changes in cultural practices or in the environment. Get Tickets

Going To Seed
The monthly zoom meeting
Landrace Gardening Community
February 12th, Noon Mountain Time

William DeMille, our guest speaker, educates about soil health. I hope that he'll contribute some thoughts about how weeds fit into that philosophy. I had a lovely time exploring William's walipini this week. The get together is free to members of the forum or video course. Going To Seed