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A parting Word

We have shown you the definitive, sure to work method, for learning to play the piano. Anyone with normal physical and mental abilities can follow this method, which in a single word is:


Nearly everyone is born with the mental intelligence, and physical body parts necessary to play the piano. Playing the piano is an acquired skill, just like driving a car, or writing, or turning on a water faucet. You can learn to play the piano, just as you have developed other abilities. You can learn to play the piano without paying a cent to anyone for piano lessons.

This lesson has empowered you with all the knowledge you need to become a successful, talented piano player. There are many churches, clubs, businesses, schools, and individuals who would be happy to let you use their equipment for learning to play the piano. You like doing what you are good at. So go forth, practice, and become good at the piano.

With Love

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